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Researchers locate Five-century-old Shipwrecked Anchor in Caribbean


Image: Fox News

An anchor dating back nearly five centuries has been found by experts off the coast of the Caicos and Turks islands, but this anchor isn’t just ancient - it’s suspected to have been used by Christopher Columbus himself.

The anchor weighs in at around 545 kg and was reportedly used between 1492 and 1550. The size, weight, and make of the anchor all point towards its use for one of Columbus’ ships. Experts were able to locate the site with extensive research, an astronomical treasure map, and a magnetometer for diving and investigating the shipwreck.

Research shows the clear connection between the shipwreck and the Pinzon brothers, who captained the two of the famous Columbus ships, the Nina and the Pinta. The former of the two ships was taken down by a hurricane in 1500 while stabilized in close to the islands by which it was recently found.

The anchor wasn’t the only thing discovered among the Nina’s waterlogged remains. Pottery shards, iron spikes, and grappling hooks were examined by archaeologists. All of these items perfectly fit the time period of the Columbus expeditions.

Although the recovered artifacts are fascinating, what’s more important is how the shipwreck site was found - mainly through the use of the astronomical map. This map could lead experts to even greater discoveries, making it invaluable to professionals. Let’s hope we can expose more of the past in the near future.

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