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Zera Food Recycler from Whirlpool Turns Scraps into Fertilizer

zera-food-recycler-from-whirlpool-turns-scraps-into-fertilizerWith just the single touch of a button, the new Zera Food Recycler from Whirlpool promises to turn scraps into fertilizer. While this may sound too good to be true, it is indeed a concept that could soon become popularized throughout the world.

Many major cities employ composting services. However, for those who do not have access to such services, composting must continue to be handled the old-fashioned way. As anyone who has ever composted before can tell you, the whole process can be time-consuming and extremely unpleasant. Furthermore, without constant maintenance, a compost pile can quickly become useless.

The Zera Food Recycler from Whirlpool hopes to change things for the world at large. This kitchen appliance promises to not only turn your scraps into compost, but it promises to do this with virtually zero hassle. The only things the machine is unable to take care of are bones and pits. Otherwise, all you’’ have to do is load the device, hit the button, and step back as it does its job. The top of the Zera is designed to keep the product at counter height. When you are ready to dispose of things, sweeping your leftovers away can be handled easily enough.

Designed by W Labs, the product will be launching on crowdfunding sites soon. However, the point of this move is not to raise funds for the project. After all, Whirlpool is a company that can pay to have new gadgets developed, tested, and released. The move is largely being done to generate popularity for a product that is about to connect with a market that is currently untested.

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