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Ordering a mini bin or disposal bin

When it comes time that you need a disposal bin or mini bin there are a few key things to keep in mind. What size do I need? What am I putting inside the bin? Is there enough room to place the disposal bin or mini bin on my property? Will I need to obtain a permit? Once that is all said and done a quick call to Core Mini Bins Disposal Services and you'll have quality and reliable same day service.  If you can't answer all those questions our friendly, experienced staff will be more than happy to assist not only on the phones, but the delivery driver also.

Where's the best place to put a disposal bin?

Disposal Bins should be placed on the property for which it is ordered.  The driveway is an ideal place for the bin, but make sure your cars are out of the garage if the garage is going to be blocked.  The mini bins can also be placed on the lawn, but we recommend having plywood ready on delivery to ensure no minor damage to the grass.

How do I know what size to order? Mini bin? Disposal bin?

When it comes to dirt or concrete you can always look to math to assist you with this question.  However with garbage removal or junk removal the answer is not as precise. There are 4 yard, 6 yard, 8 yard, 10 yard, 14 yard and 20 yard bins available for rental when it comes to garbage bins.

Is there anything I can do to avoid damage to my driveway from the disposal bin?

Our operators have plenty of experience when it comes to residential services.  The delivery driver will advise of the best place and precautionary measures to ensure the least possible damage to property.  We recommend placing wood underneath the disposal bin to prevent direct contact with disposal bin and your driveway.

How long can I keep the disposal bin for?

Standard rental time for a mini bin or disposal bin is 1-5 days.  If a slightly longer rental period is required it can be arranged.

I filled out the form for a permit, what now?

When filling out a permit to place a disposal bin on the road in Toronto, it can take up to 3 weeks to complete the process.  We have a link on our website to assist in finding that application with ease.  The application has all the phone numbers and office addresses for the City of Toronto.

Can I mix some wood in with my concrete disposal bin?

No.  Concrete is disposed of at one place, wood and other forms of waste go to a M.O.E approved transfer station.  Waste removal is disposed of by weight, the concrete will weigh down the disposal bin.

I have some rocks can I put them in my topsoil disposal bin?

It is preferred to keep clean fill free or rock and concrete.  If approved to fill both in the disposal bin or mini bin, the front half should contain dirt, the rear half containing forms of concrete and rock.  However an extra processing fee will occur if given approval.

I trimmed some branches can I throw them in my dirt disposal bin?

Branches and trees are considered waste.  They are not to be mixed in with forms of dirt disposal bins.  However we do have mini bins where 2 disposal bins can be ordered, one for the branches, and one for dirt.  This also helps for a more environmentally conscious disposal service helping to reduce waste, and promote recycling.

Can I mix wood in with my household garbage?

Yes, all types of waste removal are taken to a M.O.E approved transfer station where they pick through all the different types of waste in order to recycle.  Junk removal, waste removal, wood removal and renovation junk removal are all processed the same way by our company.

I have some red bricks can I throw them in with my concrete slabs?

Bricks and concrete should be disposed of in separate disposal bins.  Mini bins are available in order to keep both contents separate.

I ordered a bin but there's a car blocking the way can I reschedule delivery?

Yes.  If at any time something comes up where the disposal, or mini bin needs to be rescheduled due to a lack of access to the drop area, let us know.  We appreciate the call and it helps to keep our services fast and reliable to all of our customers.

What are the advantages to picking Core Mini Bins over the competition?

Core Mini Bins provides customers with speedy and reliable disposal services.  We are M.O.E approved, Licensed, and Fully Insured.  We offer same day services, our staff is customer friendly, and we have a large selection of disposal bins, and mini bins to choose from.  Our services provide you with dedicated customer care, and experienced drivers.  Core Mini Bins also provides excavation and demolition services to all of our clients.  By being experts in the construction field we understand challenges that may be present and have diverse knowledge.

I need my disposal bin dropped in a lane-way, how much room does the truck need for clearance?

Lane-ways are not an issue for our experienced and talented staff.  The trucks need roughly 12 feet in width at any given point, and the trucks need enough room to maneuver safely.  Certain lane ways required our specifically designed fleet of small trucks with mini bins in order to complete the job.

What are the advantages of a mini bin?

A mini bin can be a convenient, and more cost effective solution to your disposal and junk removal needs.  Smaller, shorter bins are easier to fill by hand than a larger bin would.  A mini bin is more cost effective when there is a smaller quantity that needs to be removed whether it be dirt, concrete, wood, garbage, or waste.  Mini bins are great for driveways and lane-ways as they can be as narrow as a car and take up less space, than a traditional disposal bin would.

Why book with CORE?

It's simple and easy that's WHY!  1-  Click to order online 24/7 or 2- Call  (416-894-9452)  and let our friendly, customer oriented staff assist you with your order today 

When ordering a disposal or mini bin there are a few questions to ask yourself.

  1.     How big of a bin do I need?
  2.     Do I have enough room to conveniently maneuver around the bin on my property?
  3.     Where would I like the driver to place the bin?
  4.     What am I going to fill the bin with?
  5.     How long am I going to need the bin for?

When our clientele orders a bin this is what we think of:

  1.     What area is the disposal or mini bin going into?
  2.     Is there ample room for the truck required to deliver and pickup the disposal or mini bin?
  3.     Where are we going to take the material that is not only cost effective, but environmentally friendly?
Core Mini Bins guarantees same day service and cost-effective services to aid in the removal of all your: Dirt- Soil – Clean Fill- Concrete- Rubble- Block- Clay- Brick- Asphalt- Gravel- Renovation Waste

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